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Amber Vallon is the mother to Rayanne Graff. She lives with Rayanne in their apartment. Their frenetic relationship causes turmoil every so often, and her unstructured discipline has enabled some of Rayanne's alcoholic tendencies. Following the complete opposite parenting methods of Patty with Angela, she avoids communicating with her daughter about difficult issues, like dealing with her absentee father, though she truly does care about her. She practices Tarot card reading, and works as an X-ray technician.


She has always been a follower of The Grateful Dead. She was a Wharf Rat. She once served a BLT to Bob Dylan, who stiffed her for the tip. She has at least one sibling, a sister.


Guns and Gossip[]

This episode marks the first appearance of Amber, attending the school meeting with Patty in the aftermath of a gunshot at Liberty High School. She almost immediately shows her outspoken nature to Patty, and then to the entire congregation as she criticizes the methods of the principal in handling the incident. She told Patty about the sex rumor between Angela and Jordan and gained both intrigue and scrutiny from Patty for her carefree personality.

Other People's Mothers[]

In this episode, Amber was central to the plot as Angela visited Rayanne's apartment for the first time, and revealed her proficiency in reading Tarot Cards. When Patty comes to pick up her daughter, Amber reveals that Angela told her about being adopted, which leads to an awkward confrontation. The relationship dynamic between Amber and her daughter resembles that of a roommates rather than family. When Rayanne questions wether to keep the birthday money that her father sent, Amber immediate dismisses the conversation. While she was initially agreeable about Rayanne hosting a party, she became immediately belligerent upon arriving home. She criticized her daughter for her visible drunkeness, unaware that she overdosed, leaving her in the care of Angela and Ricky. However, when she arrived at the hospital, she immediately expressed concern for her daughter's well-being, and remained by her bedside. By the end of the episode, Angela imparts clarity through the reading of the tarot, that Amber, like every other character, exhibits both positive and negative influences.

Behind the Scenes[]

She is played by Patti D'Arbanville.