ABC officially cancelled My So-Called Life on May 16, 1995. May 15, 1995 was the annual press conference which the networks announce their schedules for the following fall. MTV re-ran the episodes for the next two years. 19 episodes were made and aired but there was supposed to have been 22 episodes in the first season.

Reasons for CancellationEdit

The main reason chosen by the network was low ratings. Despite Operation Life Support and other efforts to save the show, ABC still made the decision to cancel it. Episodic television puts a lot of demands on cast and crew, especially teenage actors who must also balance their work with their schoolwork.

Marshall Herskovitz reported that Claire Danes, along with her parents, said that she did not want to continue with the show. Winnie Holzman, upon learning this, changed her attitude toward continuing the show as well.


The events of My So-Called Life continue in the Fanfic and the novel My So-Called Life Goes On. There were also some ideas and plans for Season 2.