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Father of Angela and Danielle and husband of Patty and older brother of Neil.



Graham was born in 1954 (based on him being 40 years old in 1994). He was raised Catholic. He is a former follower of The Grateful Dead. His mother is dead. He almost committed adultery. He is an excellent chef. His stubble is the perfect length.

When Angela was born he was stuck at the airport.

In the pilot, Patty accuses Graham of not disciplining Angela, contending she loves him more. Angela later comes across him speaking with another woman a few streets away from her house while returning home from one of her first weeknights out with Rayanne and Rickie, prompting her to empathize with her mother.

Graham originally worked for Patty, at her family's business, "Wood and Jones Printing". He was not truly happy and Patty fired him. After he spend a short time unemployed he decided to take a cooking class (Stocks, Soups, and Sauces) and ended up teaching it. While in it, Graham met Hallie Lowenthal.

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Behind the Scenes[]

Graham was played by Tom Irwin.