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Patty Chase

Patricia "Patty" Wood Chase is the mother of Angela and Danielle and the wife of Graham. She is the adopted daughter of Chuck and Vivian.


Patty was adopted by Vivian and Chuck Wood. She was probably raised as a Protestant. Patty has been friends with Camille since childhood. Patty once tried to find her natural parents. She attended the same high school as Camille and Graham. She did not know Graham in High School. She was the queen of her class and very popular and pretty (she apparently only had one pimple ever). She was such an important figure that the prom was postponed when she was absent due to her appendix being removed. She had a roommate in college who died of a drug overdose. She runs Wood and Jones Printing, which she took over after Chuck became too sick to work and eventually retired.

During her time as a mother Patty struggles with her marriage, business, and dealing with her adoptive parents.

See the Timeline for more details.

Behind the Scenes[]

Patty was played by Bess Armstrong.