Also known as "My So-Called Life" or "My So-Called Life (Pilot)". The first episode of the first season of My So-Called Life. It is followed by Dancing in the Dark. The broadcast date was August 25, 1994. The production code was 59300.

Synopsis Edit

Welcome to Angela Chase's so-called life. Angela dyes her hair a shade of Crimson glow, upsetting the status quo of her seemingly picture-perfect teenage existence. Angela befriends Rayanne Graff.

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Cast Edit

Cameron Arnette - Cop, Stanley DeSantis - Mr. Demitri, Nada Despotovich - Ms. Mayhew, Devin Kamienny - Jordan's Buddy, Bianca Lawson - Third Bathroom Girl, Margaret Nagle - Ms. Chavatal, Shane Powers - Guy #1, Tim Williams - Guy #2.

Crew Edit

Writer - Winnie Holzman. Director - Scott WInant.

Behind the Scenes Edit

This episode has been shot in March 1993 in Los Angeles, USA. This was more than 17 months before the first airing.

On the TV in Patty's room is a scene from the movie It's a Wonderful Life. The town in that movie was called Bedford Falls which is where the Bedford Falls Company took its name.