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Sharon Cherski is a sophomore attending Liberty High School. She is the daughter of Camille Cherski and Andy Cherski.

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Her aunt is Andy's sister.

She is the school "good girl". She plays the clarinet in the school band, is on the yearbook staff, organized the World Happiness Dance, volunteers at the Teen Helpline, and is an after-school tutor. She was friends with Angela until Angela began being friends with Rayanne. She and Angela were in Girl Scouts together. Sharon had a tonsillectomy. Sharon began dating a jock named Kyle, to whom she gave up her virginity, but eventually dumped him because she wasn't actually in love with him. She was voted Best Hooters on "The Poll". After much trauma, including a heart attack for Sharon's father, Andy Cherski, she and Angela reconciled their differences, Sharon also became friends with Angela's friend Rayanne.

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In My So-Called 20 Year High School Reunion her email is which implies she is a mother in this possible future. In this continuity, she is the organizer of the Liberty High School 20 Year Reunion for the Class of 1997.

Behind the Scenes[]

Sharon is played by Devon Odessa.